How is the housing crisis affecting you? Send us your story, anonymously or not - we’re working hard to create solutions, and need more voices willing to speak up to express the devastation people are facing.

"At Persephone Brewing we're keenly aware of the housing situation on the Sunshine Coast. Lack of suitable, affordable housing has caused more than one employee to leave the Coast. Currently we have at least two employees who have been looking for suitable affordable housing for over a year, and one employee still living in a bus." - Dion Whyte, General Manager, Persephone Brewing

"As a single mom who moved here to enrich our lives and to be a part of a community. My struggle is in the rental market prices and the options available to match my budget." - Anonymous

"A concerning trend that our outreach worker recently has identified is elder women becoming homeless in increasing numbers, after they are evicted from a house that has sold. Our outreach worker says that most of the houses that have recently changed hands are turned into vacation rentals." - Anonymous

“I’ve been living in a warehouse for a couple years now. You get used to it after a while. I just don’t get paid enough to afford $1200 a month on a place. I also don’t want to move every few months while out of town vacationers take up all the available housing and make the home owners more money than they would renting it to me.” - Anonymous

“I build multi million dollar custom houses for a living, but yet I have had coworkers who are living or have lived in vans, campers, crawlspaces, tents, forests, sheds, tent trailers, and more, just because housing is simply not available.” - Anonymous

“I grew up here, and I’d love to stay, but I can find housing in Kitsilano more easily than I can here, so I’m moving there. I don’t want to end up homeless just to stay in my hometown.” - Anonymous