Our mission is to acquire, develop and operate a range of affordable, quality housing options for Sunshine Coast residents.


We envision a Sunshine Coast where a range of affordable, quality housing options are readily available, and are accepted as an essential component of strong communities.


Integrity: We are fair, honest, just and transparent, and our behavior is consistent with our values.

Equity: We see housing as a basic human right and strive to ensure everyone has access to affordable housing.

Diversity & Inclusion: We welcome and accept all people, embrace individual differences and create a culture of inclusion.

Engagement: We believe that those who are affected or potentially affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision making process.

Sustainability: We manage and use our resources wisely and make decisions based on their long-term implications.

Innovation: We are creative in our thought process, open to possibilities and continuously seeking new opportunities to create better homes and communities.

Adequacy: We believe that adequate housing is that which contributes to one’s sense of dignity, safety, inclusion and ability to contribute to the fabric of our neighbourhoods and societies