Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society is excited to announce our Shaw Road housing development in partnership with Town of Gibsons at 571 Shaw Road.

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the vision

Situated on approximately four acres of land owned by the Town of Gibsons, the development will use approximately half of this land for the development of affordable family, workforce, and independent seniors rental housing. Our goal is to explore opportunities for the development of a community housing campus for phase one on the site that integrates affordable housing, community spaces, and supportive seniors care facilities.

The development will provide around 40 new rental units, housing approximately 100 people in a mix of unit types, from bachelor to 3 bedroom. A portion of the units will be rented at or near market rents in order to cross-subsidize more affordable units ensuring the financial sustainability of the project without dependence on ongoing operating subsidies.

Throughout the next few months, we will be finalizing many details including unit mix and design details, target rents, eligibility criteria for affordable rental occupancy, and more. We are committed to providing long term, affordable housing for our community.

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July 2019: Public Information Open House.

September: Second and third reading of re-zoning application heard before Town of Gibsons. Public Hearing held at High Beam Dreams prior to third reading before Town of Gibsons. Third


Fall 2019/Winter 2020:

We will be submitting a Development Permit Application for the first phase of affordable housing development, determining unit sizes and design as well as construction materials, finalizing funding agreements, and preparing applications for servicing agreements and building permits. Our developing partner intends to turn soil in Winter.

Spring 2020:

Construction under way.

Summer 2021:

Construction complete

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how you can help

Contact us to partner with us, volunteer for our fundraising events, ask about our public information presentations, provide services in kind, donate land or construction materials, or sign up to help us paint and landscape!

Check out our Facebook page for more information and upcoming events.

Our Project Partners