Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society is currently accepting applications to serve on our Board of Directors. Our Directors are all volunteers who serve for a two-year term, after which time they may stand for re-election. We endeavour to have a well-rounded Board that is representative of our community, and are committed to inclusion.

Our Board meets formally once a month, rotating between Gibsons and Sechelt, while our various Committees meet as required at agreed-upon times. Time commitments vary depending on your level of availability, interests, and commitments. Directors are required to attend our board meetings, which generally run for two hours once a month, and they are also required to serve on at least one Committee (time required varies); anything you volunteer above and beyond is exactly that - above and beyond!

While we endeavour to answer all enquiries, we may only be able to respond to those who are chosen to interview with our Directors. Once you are interviewed, you will be notified of any decisions by the Board, and if you are further invited to serve on the Board, you will be invited to a Board meeting, where the Board will formally invite you to serve with us.

Applications are open from October 23 to November 30, 2019.


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We want to make sure our Board is as diverse as possible, and we are committed to consulting with all our community's stakeholders.
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Thanks very much for your interest in serving with us!